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Paradise Lost?

City of Splendours no more.

The once great city of Waterdeep has fallen. No longer is it the powerhouse of the North, it’s harbour lies in ruins and the Government in chaos.


The Wars of Chaos have taken their toll…
Some called it the Spell-Plague, others the “Great Change”. No matter what it was called, huge changes came to the Realms. Waterdeep suffered greatly, but now that the Second Sundering has been and gone, the Realms are more stable and rebuilding can start…

Could this be time for a band of Heroes to lend a hand and bring Waterdeep back to it’s former glory? Or more likely, could it be time for a gang of ruffians to rise up and seize the city from the apparently paralyzed Lords? Only time will tell…

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Waterdeep - Paradise Lost? steventhompson